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Abortion History and Law

#60 - History of Abortion in Canada - From 1869 to now, including a timeline of key events.

#61 - Abortion Court Decisions and Laws in Canada - A compilation of court cases and laws related to abortion rights in Canada, including links. (Note: the previous #61 has been replaced with this document.)

#62 - Dr. Henry Morgentaler
- Goes to separate ARCC website, with biography and historical information on Dr. Morgentaler and his heroic career at legalizing and normalizing abortion care. 

#63 - Fetal Rights in Canada - Fetuses have no rights in Canada. They are not defined as persons under the Criminal Code and are not protected by the Charter. Fetal rights would infringe the Charter rights of women and transgender people.

#65 - Abortion Is a Charter Right - Demonstrates how and why abortion is a Charter right in Canada, and places abortion within the frameworks of women’s rights and international law.

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