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If you would like to help others take action against Motion 312, please use the following suggested text (copy and paste) for Twitter and Facebook, and to send emails to your friends, colleagues, and local progressive groups. Thank you!

Oppose anti-abortion Motion 312! Sign the petitions, send a letter, join an action: #m312 #AbortionRights

Oppose anti-abortion Motion 312! Sign the petitions, send a letter to your MP, or join an action using the tools and links on ARCC's Action Alert page.


Take Action Against Anti-Abortion Motion 312

** Please Distribute Widely **

A dangerous anti-abortion motion was accepted for debate in Parliament in March. Motion 312 (see full wording on Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth's website) calls for a Parliamentary Committee to examine whether the Criminal Code definition of "human being" should be expanded to include fetuses. This threatens to give legal personhood to fetuses and allow the re-criminalization of abortion, as well as deny the constitutional rights of all pregnant women.

The motion had one hour of debate in Parliament on April 26, and will have another hour of debate on September 21 with a vote on September 26 (subject to change). Although it is not expected to pass, we must send a strong message to Parliament and anti-choice MPs that we will never let anyone take us back to the 1950’s on hard-fought reproductive rights for Canadian women. Pro-choice MPs need to receive your signed petitions, letters, and tweets so they can decisively kill the motion in June, and anti-choice MPs need to be pressured to vote against the motion.

Please get involved and fight back, and spread the word to your friends and networks!  The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC) has an Action Alert page for the motion where you can finds links to:
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