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Pro-Choice Postcards: "Women's Rights Not Up for Debate"
and against Motion 312

April 3, 2012

These are postcards for mailing to MPs or the Prime Minister.  (Find your MP here.)
Click on the postcard image to view/download - see options below. (Note: Postcard images are .tiff files, about 6 megs each.)


nodebate "Women's Rights Not Up for Debate"

nodebate-m312 "Women's Rights Not Up for Debate" and along bottom: "Say no to M-312 and government attacks on reproductive rights."

reverse Back of postcard: "I'm pro-choice because..."

Options for postcards:

If you are unable to print the postcards or arrange free local printing, please email us with the quantity you want and your postal mailing address, and we will send them to you, subject to availability.  This service is free (although donations are welcome). 

Donations needed!
If you can help ARCC cover postage or printing costs, it would be much appreciated! Please indicate on the form or cheque that your donation is for "postcard postage". Here are donation options:

Images were created by graphic designer Haley Ritchie (haley.yritchie[at]