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Sample Letter to your Ontario MPP asking for provincial bubble zone law

Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada

Please use the following sample letter to send to your MPP in Ontario. Feel free to customize the letter or write your own. Find your MPP here: 
Or, edit this letter to send to Attorney-General Yasir Naqvi: 

May 25, 2017

Dear _____

I was very pleased to read in the Globe & Mail that Ontario Attorney-General Yasir Naqvi is looking at options to protect patients accessing abortion from protesters.

I would highly welcome a province-wide bubble zone law.  Patients must be able to access healthcare without having to face judgment and harassment. Most clinics in Ontario experience protesters at least occasionally, as well as some hospitals, and this can be intimidating for patients and staff. (See this 2010 report on abortion clinic protesting in Canada.)  Also, a large majority of facilities currently have no protection. Only a handful of facilities in Ontario are currently protected by two court injunctions, as well as doctors' homes and offices. But injunctions are not ideal as they can be harder to enforce compared to legislation.

Both Quebec and Newfoundland adopted provincial bubble zone laws last fall, modelled after the law in BC, the Access to Abortion Services Act, which was passed in 1995. That Act has weathered legal challenges and been upheld as constitutional. Further, the new laws in Quebec and Newfoundland have been met with positive reactions - there's been no negative backlash at all. Therefore, there is little risk to Ontario if the province simply adopts and tweaks BCs law.

I hope you will please urge the Attorney-General to enact a province-wide bubble zone law that protects the safety, dignity, and privacy of patients and healthcare personnel who provide abortion.

Thank you.

[Your name and contact details]