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Take Action Today!

What you can do to protect abortion rights

Find out who your MP is, and whether they're on our anti-choice list. If not, email or call them and ask them to stand up and defend abortion rights whenever necessary. If they ARE on our anti-choice list, email or call them to let them know you strongly disagree with them using their elected status to impose their personal religious views on the public and their constituents. Demand that they represent the views of their pro-choice constituents’ in their political work.

Inform others by passing along the link to our “Conservative Danger” webpage to your friends, relatives, and co-workers ( Ask them to check out their MP's stance on abortion and take action.

Join, volunteer with, or donate to a local pro-choice group, abortion clinic, or family planning clinic.

Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper supporting reproductive rights, especially in response to articles or other letters with an anti-abortion bias.

Participate in liberal and pro-choice blogs by posting comments informing people about abortion news and supporting reproductive rights.

Join ARCC-CDAC and one of our listservs to stay informed on reproductive rights issues and become active (click on Join/Participate).