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Tribute to Dr. George Tiller

by Greg Smith, Eexcutive Director, Options for Sexual Health, Vancouver
June 18, 2009

It’s an honour to be here this evening, representing Options for Sexual Health, to pay tribute to Dr. George Tiller.

Most of us here have met Dr.Tiller.

We have met him in the voice of a woman in pregnancy counselling as she comes to the decision that is right for her with respect to an unintended pregnancy.  

We have met him in the eyes of a woman whose trust has been betrayed in a phony pregnancy options centre.  

We have met him in the confident poise of a young woman or man who, with reliable and supportive sexual health education, can assert and express healthy and informed sexuality.

We have met Dr. Tiller in the conviction of other care givers who, with courage and dignity, stand fast against the lunacy and violence of those who will not support and respect the right of all women to choose abortion as an option.

We have also met Dr. Tiller in everyone who stands for readily accessible, readily available, unrestricted and unlimited access to abortion for all women.

We can say the words that acknowledge and thank Dr. Tiller, and others who have fallen before him, for all they did.

But to truly honour Dr. Tiller there are things we must do here in BC and Canada, through our collective power and our individual skills and influence:
And finally, in doing those things, we need always to be guided, not by the kind of unreason, cruelty and incitement to harm that caused Dr. Tiller’s death, but by the deep, thoughtful and loving commitment to care, support and respect that marks his life.

Thank you.