The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC) is the only nation-wide political pro-choice group devoted to ensuring abortion rights and access. We are a registered non-profit, but not a charity.

ARCC formed in October 2005 to carry out political and educational work to support reproductive rights and health.

ARCC is Canada’s “voice for choice”. Check out our Vision and Mandate (About Us) for more about what we stand for and what we do.

Our diverse coalition consists of pro-choice groups and individuals across Canada working to represent all Canadian women and transgender people who support reproductive rights and justice.

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Stop Bill 207: “Abandoning Patients Act

Is Unconstitutional and Dangerous ALBERTA – A bill introduced on Nov 7 in the Alberta legislature is blatantly unconstitutional because it legalizes discrimination against vulnerable groups on the basis of...

First act of new Liberal government must be to save Clinic 554

The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada is relieved that the Liberals have emerged victorious over the Conservative Party in yesterday’s federal election. The Conservatives would have implemented huge cuts to...