Abortion Politics

#50 – Abortion and the Conservative Party – A history of how the abortion issue has been handled by the Conservative Party of Canada.

#51 – Free Votes, Private Members’ Bills, and Abortion – Describes the meaning of free votes and private member bills, and how these have been employed in the abortion issue. Recent private member bills related to abortion are described, with links to ARCC’s responses.

#52 – Statistics and Demographics on Abortion – Provides recent (2015) statistics on abortion and gives context.

#53 – Abortion and Opinion Polls – Pro-choice support has risen in recent years. However, polls on abortion can be very misleading.

#54 – Abortion Law and Policy: U.S./Canadian Comparisons – Abortion is legal upon request in both Canada and the United States, but the right to abortion has very different foundations in the two countries. Laws and circumstances have diverged to the point where the legal right to abortion is strong in Canada but vulnerable in the USA.

#56 – Fetal Insurance Law – Based on a specific case, the Alberta government passed a law in 2005 enabling lawsuits to be filed against insurance companies for injuries suffered by a fetus in a car accident. But hard cases make bad law, and this law sets a dangerous precedent that makes a pregnant woman liable for harm caused to her fetus.

#57 – The Case Against a “Fetal Homicide” Law – These laws are an unconstitutional infringement on women’s rights and would likely result in harms against pregnant women and transgender people.

#58 – The Injustice and Harms of Parental Consent Laws for Abortion – An evidence-based paper demonstrating that a parental consent law for abortion would contravene and reverse current medical policies and ethics around the consent of minors to healthcare, violate their constitutional rights to bodily security and privacy, and increase risks to their health and safety.