About Abortion

#15 – How to Get an Abortion in Canada – Describes where and how to find info on accessing an abortion, and provides resources such as a list of all clinics in Canada, and hotline numbers.

#16 – List of Abortion Clinics in Canada – A table listing all clinics in Canada that provide abortions, as well as some hospitals. Includes contact information, services offered, and gestational age limits.

#17 – Pregnancy Options and Abortion Counselling – Provides information and help on how to make a decision, and describes the counselling available at abortion clinics.

#18 – Abortion Methods: An Overview – Describes surgical versus medical abortions using drugs. (More info in #28 below.)

#19 – All About Your Abortion (From Appointment to Recovery) – Discusses the process for an early abortion, from making your appointment to the procedure itself.

#20 – After Your Abortion (Aftercare, Side-effects) – What to expect after your abortion, both medically and emotionally.

#22 – Later Abortions (after 20 weeks) – Describes the incidence of abortions after 20 weeks, explains the reasons why they are performed, and argues that any effort to ban them would infringe on the constitutional rights of women and transgender people.

#23 – “Partial-birth” abortion – Explains how anti-abortion activists in the United States invented the propaganda term “partial-birth” abortion in order to curtail abortion rights, and looks at the relevance of this term to abortion practice in Canada. 

#24 – Sex-selection Abortions – The concern over sex selective abortion is overstated, and is mostly a reflection of abortion stigma, racism, and anti-choice strategy.

#25 – Abortions for Genetic Reasons / Fetal Abnormalities – As part of routine prenatal care, all pregnant patients in Canada are offered an ultrasound scan to look for fetal anomalies. An abortion for that reason is not about eugenics or discrimination against disabled people. It is about a woman’s ability and preparedness to bear and raise a disabled child.

#26 – Why Do Women Have Abortions? – Explains the main considerations that women report as the reasons why they chose abortion, including relationship issues, finances, not being ready to have a child, birth control failure, and health and genetic reasons.

#27 – Unwanted Pregnancy / Economics of Unintended Pregnancy – Discusses some of the many reasons why women experience a pregnancy as unwanted, describes the physical toll of pregnancy, and looks at the financial costs of pregnancy and having children.

#28 – Medication Abortions  – Describes the drug Mifegymiso, a combination of mifepristone and misoprostol, used for abortion in Canada since 2017. Until then, methotrexate was the primary drug used in Canada.