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On April 10, the Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton announced it would have to close its doors in July for financial reasons. This is a devastating blow for New Brunswick women, many of whom will no longer be able to access abortion services unless for those with the means to travel outside the province and pay for the procedure themselves - at a total cost of at least $1000, beyond the reach of too many women.

The government of New Brunswick is 100% to blame for the clinic's closure. It enforces an unconstitutional and illegal payment regulation that compels women to pay out of pocket for abortions at the clinic.

For more information on why the clinic must close, please check these links:

The Closure of the Morgentaler Clinic and the Rule of Law in New Brunswick, by Prof. Jula Hughes (UNB law).  A brilliant analysis explaining why the Province of NB is acting unethically and illegally. Includes a history of the dispute.

Take Action!

1. Call or write to the New Brunswick Health Minister and Premier to urge them to repeal the payment regulation, and establish a publicly-funded women's health clinic in New Brunswick that offers comprehensive reproductive healthcare services:

2. Write a letter to your Member of Parliament (find their contact info here) and to Health Minister Rona Ambrose, urging the Federal Government to withhold payments for healthcare to New Brunswick until they agree to fund abortions performed at the Morgentaler Clinic, and repeal the regulation.

3. Sign this petition asking the New Brunswick government to repeal the payment regulation and fund the clinic (this is part of a campaign by several St. Thomas University students). Even with the clinic closure, the regulation MUST be repealed to facilitate and expand access at hospitals, which is woefully inadequate because the regulation also hinders and limits access at hospitals.

4. Attend upcoming events:

Past events:

5. Tweet a message of support using the #NBProChoice hashtag.

6.  Join the following Facebook groups:

7. Submit a picture of yourself to this blog with a message of solidarity.

News and Articles

Here's a selection of some of the best or most important articles on the topic:

New Brunswick Abortion Lawsuit Being Dropped, Canadian Press, April 16. The family of Dr. Morgentaler is discontinuing the old lawsuit began by him in 2002, which has been dormant since 2009.

Open Letter to the Minister of Health (Rona Ambrose), from Libby Davies, MP - NDP Deputy Leader and Health Critic; and Niki Ashton, MP - NDP Critic for the Status of Women. (April 11, in English and français.)

Fredericton’s Morgentaler Clinic Is Closing, And Here’s Why You Should Care - a blog by The Belle Jar (April 10), who warns that "Women are going to die..."

PEI Status of Women Council Dismayed by Closure of Fredericton Clinic -
press release (April 10), warning of the huge negative impact the clinic closure will have on PEI women as well.

New Brunswick's Anti-Abortion Law is an "Embarrassment" to Canada (Jan 31, 2005 press release from Pro-Choice Action Network), with background on the NB regulation and why it is unconstitutional and illegal.

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