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List of Anti-Choice MPs After October 2008 Election

By Joyce Arthur, Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada

November 15, 2008   *Last updated December 15, 2010*

The first table shows totals of MPs who are anti-choice (from each party), pro-choice, or unknown - with comparisons before and after the election.

The second, long table is a list of known anti-choice Members of Parliament after the October 2008 election.
Conservatives  •  Liberals  •  Independents

Please email if you have additional information or any corrections for this list. Thank you!


Before 2008 Election


Total Anti-choice MPs

123 (40%)

116 (38%)

- Conservative Party

95 of 127 (75%)

97 of 143 (68%)

- Liberal Party

26 of 95 (27%)

17 of 77 (22%)

- Independent


2 of 2

Total Pro-Choice MPs

125* (41%)

123* (40%)

Total MPs with unknown stance

56 (18%)

66 (22%)

Total MPs



* This estimate includes Conservative and Liberal MPs with a public pro-choice position, as well as all Bloc Quebecois (47) and NDP (36) MPs on the assumption they are pro-choice.

In the table below, 20 Conservative MPs have asterisks beside their name. These MPs voted in favour of Bill C-484 but have no other known public position on abortion, including no position on the Order of Canada award. It’s possible they are not anti-choice, so they are not included in the total figures above, but are included in the list below. (Please email if you have additional information.)

Members of Parliament

Designated Anti-Choice During
2004, 2006, or 2008 Federal Election (1)

Order of Canada
for Dr. M (2)

Voted for
Bill C-484 at Second Reading (3)





Conservative Party of Canada




Jim Abbott

Diane Ablonczy

Harold Albrecht

Mike Allen

Dean Allison

Rona Ambrose


Rob Anders

David L. Anderson

Keith Ashfield

John Baird *


No response

Leon Benoit

James Bezan


Jean-Pierre Blackburn *


No response

Steven Blaney *


Refused to say

Kelly Block

Garry Breitkreuz

Gordon Brown

Lois Brown

Patrick Brown


Rod Bruinooge

Paul Calandra

Blaine Calkins


Ron Cannan *


Refused to say

Lawrence Cannon **      

Colin Carrie

Rick Casson

Michael Chong *


No response

Tony Clement *


No response

John Cummins

Patricia Davidson

Stockwell Day

Dean Del Mastro

Barry Devolin


John Duncan

Rick Dykstra

Edward Fast


Diane Finley *


Refused to say

Jim Flaherty

No response


Steven Fletcher *


No response

Royal Galipeau

Cheryl Gallant

Peter Goldring

Gary Goodyear

Jacques Gourde *


No response

Nina Grewal

Stephen Harper


Richard Harris

Laurie Hawn


Russ Hiebert

Jay Hill

No response

Randy Hoback

Ed Holder

Brian Jean

Refused to say

Randy Kamp

Gerald Keddy *


No response

Jason Kenney

Ed Komarnicki

Daryl Kramp

Michael Lake


Guy Lauzon

Denis Lebel *


No response

Pierre Lemieux

Tom Lukiwski

James Lunney

Gary Lunn

Refused to say

Peter MacKay


Dave MacKenzie *


No response

Colin Mayes


Phil McColeman

Cathy McLeod

Ted Menzies

Refused to say

Rob Merrifield

Refused to say

Larry Miller


James Moore

No response

Rob Moore

Rob Nicholson

Rick Norlock *


No response

Deepak Obhrai

No response

Bev Oda *


No response

Christian Paradis *


No response

LaVar Payne

Daniel Petit *


No response

Pierre Poilievre  

Joe Preston


James Rajotte

Brent Rathgeber

Scott Reid  

No response

Blake Richards

Lee Richardson  

Gerry Ritz  

Andrew Scheer  

Gary Schellenberger *


Refused to say

Bev Shipley 

Joy Smith  

(paired, absent)

Kevin Sorenson  

Bruce Stanton


Brian Storseth


Chuck Strahl  

David Sweet

Greg Thompson  

David Tilson *


No response

Vic Toews  

Bradley Trost  

Mervin Tweed


Tim Uppal

David Van Kesteren

Peter Van Loan


Maurice Vellacott 

Mike Wallace


Mark Warawa

Christopher Warkentin


Jeff Watson  

Rodney Weston

Alice Wong

Stephen Woodworth

Lynne Yelich  

Liberal Party




Wayne Easter


Mark Eyking  

Refused to say


Judy Foote

Albina Guarnieri  

Jim Karygiannis 

Derek Lee


Gurbax Malhi

No response

Lawrence MacAuley  

John McKay


Dan McTeague  

Shawn Murphy

Massimo Pacetti


Paul Szabo  

Alan Tonks  

Joe Volpe  

Refused to say


Bryon Wilfert



Borys Wrzesnewskyi  





André Arthur


 Helena Guergis * (Ind/Conservative)

No response

These 20 Conservative MPs voted in favour of Bill C-484 but have no other known public position on abortion, including no position on the Order of Canada award. It’s possible they are not anti-choice, so they are not included in the totals (top of page), but they are included in the above list. (Please email if you have additional information.)

** Conservative MP and Foreign Affaris Minister Lawrence Cannon claims to be pro-choice, but told the House of Commons foreign affairs committee on March 16, 2010, regarding Harper's G8 initiative on maternal and child health, that “This [initiative] does not deal in any way, shape, or form with family planning. Indeed, the purpose of this is to be able to save lives." Since all pro-choice people know that family planning is essential for saving countless lives of women and children, and since Mr. Cannon's comment can only mean he is concerned about the lives of fetuses at the expense of women's lives, Mr. Cannon is not pro-choice and we have added his name to the list of anti-choice MPs.

Column 1Anti-choice MPs were listed during the 2004, 2006, or 2008 election. Criteria: They had an anti-choice voting record, or had publicly spoken at or attended events organized by anti-choice groups, or had publicly stated they are "pro-life" or would support abortion only in limited circumstances. Note:  Conservative MP Gordon O’Connor has been removed from the 2006 anti-choice list for voting against Bill C-484 and supporting Dr. M’s Order of Canada.

Column 2 — Whether the MP publicly opposed the awarding of the Order of Canada to Dr. Henry Morgentaler, according to a survey conducted by Campaign Life Coalition.

Column 3 — Whether the MP voted in favour of Bill C-484 (“Unborn Victims of Crime Act”) at 2nd reading in Parliament on March 5, 2008. (Note: Some pro-choice MPs voted in favour of Bill C-484, including Peter Stoffer (NDP) and Liberal MP’s John Cannis, Sukh Dhaliwal, and Francis Scarpallegia.)