Demystifying Trans-Inclusive Abortion Activism: Tips for Effective Allyship and Advocacy

Saturday, March 5, 2022
10–11:30 AM PST • 11 AM–12:30 PM MST • NOON–1:30 PM CST • 1-2:30 PM EST • 2–3:30 PM AST • 2:30–4 PM NST

Are you involved in abortion activism, ensuring that abortion is free, safe, legal, and available in your local community? Do you want to make sure your advocacy efforts are inclusive to trans and non-binary people, but you aren’t sure where to start? This workshop will offer concrete tips and suggestions, from what language to use and avoid (and why!), to how to design a campaign or project that is attentive to the unique access needs of trans and non-binary folks, to how to respond when someone questions why you are including trans and non-binary people in your work. You will learn about the barriers that trans and non-binary people experience in accessing abortion and about the impacts when trans and non-binary folks are left out of laws, policies, media representations and elsewhere. You will also be introduced to some incredible trans abortion activists and some trans-inclusive abortion campaigns and projects from around the world.

Speaker Bio

Dr. A.J. Lowik (they/them) is a researcher, instructor, and consultant whose work focuses on trans reproductive justice. They are also a proud member of the ARCC Board of Directors. For over a decade, A.J. has been working to make abortion services more inclusive, affirming and welcoming for trans and non-binary people. They authored the Trans-Inclusive Abortion Services manual which is available in English, French and Spanish and has been adapted for use in Canada, the United States and Argentina. They designed an online learning module for members of the National Abortion Federation which has been used to introduce hundreds of abortion providers to the need for trans-inclusive policies and practices. In late 2022, A.J. plans to launch a research project focused on trans and non-binary people’s experiences accessing abortion in British Columbia.

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