Vancouver Tribute Rally for Dr. George Tiller

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VANCOUVER – A tribute rally will be held in Vancouver on June 18th to honour the courageous and dedicated doctor who was assassinated on May 31 in Wichita Kansas. Abortion provider Dr. George Tiller sacrificed his life to save women’s lives. He was one of the very few doctors in North America willing to help women who found out late in pregnancy that their baby would not survive outside the womb, and women whose lives and health were endangered by the pregnancy.

Hospitals and clinics in Vancouver sometimes referred patients to Dr. Tiller, because in Canada, there is almost no access to abortion services for women in desperate situations late in pregnancy. These women’s options are now even more limited.

“Many of us here in Vancouver’s abortion provider community knew George. He was a highly esteemed medical colleague, but he was also a good friend – and our hero,” said Joyce Arthur, Coordinator of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada. “His brutal murder was a terrible shock and we’re still grieving, as well as outraged. This act of terrorism is the latest in the violent war waged by extremist ‘pro-lifers’ in North America. After more than 30 years of violence, including doctor shootings, clinic bombings, arsons, and death threats, the mainstream anti-choice movement still has done nothing to stop the incendiary rhetoric within their ranks, or the harassment of clinics and physicians that serves as an incitement to violence.”

Date/time:      Thursday, June 18, 7 pm (till about 8:30)

Location:        Grandview Park on Commercial Drive, Vancouver
(between William and Charles Streets, at the bandstand)

Featured speeches and topics:

  • Short tributes from various speakers, including some who knew Dr. Tiller personally
  • Understanding the need for late-term abortion
  • Stopping the terrorism and the fear
    A few of the currently scheduled speakers include:
  • Ellen Woodsworth, Vancouver City Councillor
  • Greg Smith, Executive Director, Options for Sexual Health
  • Joyce Arthur, Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada
  • Statement will be read from Libby Davies, Member of Parliament for Vancouver East
  • And others…

Musical performances to follow.

For more information, contact Joyce Arthur, 604-351-0867,

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