Backgrounder: Abortion Access Issues

Even though all provinces and territories have deemed abortion to be a “medically required service”* under the Canada Health Act, abortion services still do not meet any of the five principles of the Act:

Because some provinces have failed to provide accessible or funded abortion services as per the Canada Health Act, access to abortion is still difficult for many people, especially those in rural, remote, or conservative areas; minority and immigrant women; low-income women; teenagers; transgender people, and other disadvantaged groups.

Lack of access to abortion violates women’s and trans peoples’ constitutional rights, but governments often lack the political will to make abortion accessible. Even the medical profession has succumbed to anti-abortion pressure by not performing abortions or training providers.

To improve access to abortion across Canada, ARCC works towards:

* To understand why abortion is a medically-required service and must be fully funded, see our Position Paper Abortion Is a “Medically Required” Service and Cannot be Delisted.

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