Countering Anti-Choice Misinformation and Harassment

#70 – Abortion and Breast Cancer – After evaluating current, reliable evidence on the subject, ARCC, in agreement with all reputable medical associations, believes there is no link between abortion and the development of breast cancer.

#71 – Abortion and the Hippocratic Oath – Anti-choice reliance on the Hippocratic Oath’s supposed ban on abortion is based on a narrow and historically inaccurate understanding of the Oath.

#72 – Analyzing the Genocide Awareness Project – Describes the history and current examples of anti-choice display and distribution of graphic images that allegedly show aborted fetuses, sometimes in comparison to actual victims of genocide.

#73 – Anti-choice Violence and Harassment – Describes the history of anti-choice violence, with info on all incidents of murders, attempted murders, arsons, assaults, and other violence by “pro-life” activists in Canada and the U.S.

#74 – Safe Access Zones – Describes the laws and injunctions in place in Canada to protect patients, staff, and facilities from harassment and violence. Anti-choice protestors are not allowed around facilities that provide abortions.

#75 – Anti-abortion “Counselling” Agencies – Many agencies that counsel pregnant women are actually anti-abortion Christian ministries. Their main goal is to stop women from having abortions.

#76 – Anti-choice Research on “Dangers” of Abortion –  Anti-choice groups are biased because they fail to list the positives of abortion and the negatives of childbirth. They never quantify the risks of abortion to explain how rare they are, and they arrive at false conclusions using flawed research.

#77 – Psychological After-effects of Abortion –  High-quality studies show that women and transgender people who have abortions are not at increased risk of negative psychological effects due to having an abortion. Anti-choice propaganda to the contrary is based on B.A.D science (biased, agenda-driven).

#78 – Fetal Pain –  Science says that fetuses cannot feel pain until about 27 weeks gestation, if at all. Pain perception requires a developed nervous system and almost all abortions occur before the third trimester. 

#79 – Fetal Personhood and the Moral Status of the FetusSince fetuses are totally dependent on a pregnant person, and pregnancy is life-changing and carries health risks, only pregnant women and transgender people can make decisions about their pregnancy – even if fetuses are considered human beings with a right to life.

#80 – Why Anti-choice Groups Should Not Have Charitable Tax Status – About 225 anti-choice groups in Canada have charitable tax status. This paper explains the 2018 changes to charitable requirements and how anti-choice groups violate most of them and should have their charitable tax status revoked.

#81 – Terms in the Abortion Debate: Pro-choice vs. Pro-life -This paper defines and explains the differences between the terms pro-choice, pro-life, anti-choice, anti-abortion, and pro-abortion, and the shift from pro-choice to reproductive justice.

#83 – “Crisis Pregnancy Centres” and Sonography: Their non-medical use of ultrasound requires regulation – CPCs use non-medical ultrasounds as an opportunity to manipulate women into continuing with their pregnancies, but this can cause serious harm. Non-medical use of ultrasound should be better regulated or prohibited.

#84 – Cities Should Not Approve Anti-Choice MessagingSince all levels of government are obligated to uphold and comply with the Charter and human rights laws that guarantee women’s rights and prohibit discrimination, governments should never give official support to anti-choice rhetoric by approving events, flags, proclamations, banners, or ads on public land or transit.