To join ARCC or make a donation by direct e-transfer from your bank account, login to your bank, set up a new e-transfer recipient for, and complete the e-transfer.


In the “Message” box, please state:

  • whether it’s for membership or donation
  • your email address (mandatory for membership)
  • your postal mailing address and phone number

To join ARCC or make a donation offline, print out, complete, and mail this membership form. We accept major credit cards.

Membership Information

All memberships include a subscription to the ARCC Spark newsletter and optional access to the ARCC-News email list, which sends emails with Canadian media stories related to abortion, and other pro-choice news and events.

Please note that ARCC values and encourages all pro-choice supporters who want to become members. Should financial considerations make the suggested fee a hardship, we can offer to lower or waive the fee for your first year of membership. Please contact us if this situation applies to you.

Membership Levels

Basic Membership

  • $35 a year for individuals.
  • $70 a year for groups and organizations (including clinics).

Sustaining Membership

Individual donations of $70 or more a year are considered sustaining memberships, with three levels of recognition:

  • ARCC Friends: $70 to $99 a year.
  • The Leadership Circle: $100 up to $1000 a year.
  • The Norma Scarborough Society: $1000 or more a year.

Activist Membership (Optional)

An Activist membership allows you to volunteer for ARCC projects and initiatives, and to join ARCC Activist, a private email list where sensitive/confidential information can be discussed. An Activist membership does not cost extra but requires either sponsorship by an existing ARCC member or someone who works within the pro-choice community, or provision of other evidence that you are pro-choice.

If you wish to apply to be an ARCC-Activist member, please contact us with your sponsor details or other evidence.

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