Sample Letter to Candidates

  1. Find your riding and candidates here
  2. Look for the candidate’s contact information on their party webpage:
  3. Can’t find an email or postal address? Try asking the candidate one of our Questions for Candidates on their social media pages, or give them a phone call.
  4. Copy and paste the following letter. Feel free to edit and add your own comments:

Dear [candidate’s name]

Like the majority of Canadians, I am pro-choice and never want to see abortion re-criminalized in Canada. Access to abortion is an essential right for women and transgender people who can get pregnant. Restricting abortion would violate their Charter rights as per the 1988 Morgentaler decision. Inability to access the service puts people’s lives and health at risk.

If elected, will you commit to defending and upholding the legal right to abortion? Will you publicly oppose and vote against any private member’s bill or motion that may be introduced in Parliament that could restrict abortion or reduce access?

A key responsibility of the federal government of Canada is to ensure that provinces adhere to the Canada Health Act. And opposition parties must hold the government to account. If elected, will you work to ensure that all provinces fully fund abortion care at both clinics and hospitals, and make the abortion pill Mifegymiso easier to access outside major centres?

If you are elected as my MP, I expect you to hold the government accountable to protect the reproductive rights of women and gender minorities under the Charter, and to ensure enforcement of the Canada Health Act that funded and accessible abortion care is there for everyone who needs it, regardless of where they live.

Can I count on you?


[your name and contact info]

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