URGENT – Please help defeat motion 312!

September 16,  2012

Journalist Chantal Hébert thinks that the September 26 vote on the motion will be tight. Although we believe the votes are not really there to support it, it’s crucial that all pro-choice MPs actually show up to vote, because the anti-choice MPs sure will!

Here’s a list of things you can do to help ensure enough No votes against Motion 312 on Sep 26 (please use the Resources below to help):

  1. Email and phone NDP and Liberal party leaders and ask them to ensure their entire caucus is there to vote because the vote might be close. (Thomas Mulcair, Bob Rae).
  2. Email and phone pro-choice MPs to remind them of the vote on Sep 26 and the importance of being there to vote No.
  3. Ask Stephen Harper to remind his Cabinet and caucus to vote against the motion, and recommend that he discipline any Cabinet member who defies his order.
  4. Ask Conservative cabinet ministers to respect their leader’s wishes.
  5. Continue targeting anti-choice and ‘unknown stance’ MPs to oppose the motion.


Thank you very much!

Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC-CDAC)



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