Ethics, Philosophy, Religion

#90 – What Does Being Pro-Choice Really Mean? (pro-choice for dummies) – There aren’t “two sides” to the abortion issue. The two extremes are forced motherhood and forced abortion. Pro-choice is the broad middle of the spectrum on the abortion issue. ARCC is pro-woman, pro-child, pro-family, and pro-life, in the true sense of that term.

#91 – Abortion as a Healthy and Positive Moral Choice – “When women have access to abortion, contraception and medically accurate sex education, they thrive.” Restricting abortion hurts women, while good access promotes social well-being and good health.

#92 – The Catholic Church and Abortion – Approaching abortion from a religious (and specifically Catholic) viewpoint is problematic legally and scientifically. Most Catholics are actually pro-choice and Papal bills and religious beliefs should never be the basis of public policy.

#93 – Religion and Abortion – Describes doctrine around abortion in several world religions. There are many religious perspectives on abortion but Canada is a secular country and must not incorporate a religious perspective when determining abortion rights.

#94 – The Bible and Abortion – The Bible never condemns abortion and has several pro-choice passages. This paper cites Bible passages that are distorted into anti-choice arguments, as well as pro-choice examples from the Bible.

#95 – The Refusal to Provide Health Care in Canada – Doctors in Canada have the “right” to refuse legal and necessary treatments for personal or religious reasons, and usually don’t have to refer patients to someone who can provide the service. This paper explains why so-called “conscientious objection” in health care is unethical and unworkable.