Abortion Access and Funding

#1 – Abortion Is a “Medically Required” Service and Cannot be Delisted – Explains various reasons why all abortions are medically required and must be covered under the Canada Health Act.

#2 – Abortion Clinics Must be Fully Funded under the Canada Health Act – Six key reasons why private abortion clinics deserve full funding.

#3 – Clinic Funding – Overview of Political Situation – Explains the history and politics behind the funding of private abortion clinics. 

#4 – Abortion and Reciprocal Billing – Abortion is now fully covered if you are in a different province than your residence. The policy only changed in 2015, and this paper explains the history.

#5 – The Canadian Abortion Provider Shortage – Now and Tomorrow – Discusses some of the barriers to ensuring enough doctors are trained to provide abortions.

#6 – Training of Abortion Providers / Medical Students for Choice – Future physicians do not receive comprehensive training in abortion care, either in the classroom or on the wards. Several causes may be to blame.

#7 – Access to Abortion in Rural and Remote Areas – Women and transgender people in rural or remote areas often face increased difficulty when they wish to terminate a pregnancy.

#8 – Problems with Hospital Access to Abortion – Discusses the history of abortion care in hospitals, and barriers to accessing abortion in a hospital.

#9 – Hospitals vs Clinics: Comparisons of Abortion Care – A table that compares hospital abortion care with clinic care. Abortion may be the only “medically required” surgery that is better delivered in clinics than in hospitals, generally speaking.