Information for pregnant Queer and Trans people

Are you queer, transgender or non-binary, and getting an abortion? You’re not alone.

2SLGBQ+ ciswomen are more likely to have unintended pregnancies that end in abortion than straight ciswomen. While we don’t have statistics on how many trans and non-binary people access abortion services, we know that they do. Your sexual orientation and/or gender should not prevent you from having a safe and supported abortion experience.

Please check out our new brochures* with helpful info, considerations, affirmations, and resources:

These are trifold brochures that you can save to your computer and print and fold yourself. If you are unable to print, or if you would like to order pre-printed brochures on glossy paper, please contact ARCC to inquire about pricing, indicating desired quantity:

*ARCC was grateful for the opportunity to partner with the Saskatoon Abortion Support Network to produce these national versions of their provincial brochure. Please check out the Saskatchewan brochures at the SASN website.

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