The danger of Canada’s Bill C-484:

How the U.S. federal “Unborn Victims of Violence Act” can be used to overturn the legal right to abortion, according to anti-abortion terrorist James Kopp.

The following is an excerpt from an email sent to a group of “Army of God” followers. It contains an article written by James Kopp, from a publication called “Abortion Is Murder”. Kopp is an American antichoice extremist/terrorist, and the convicted killer of Dr. Barnett Slepian of New York in 1998, currently serving a life sentence in prison. Kopp is the primary suspect in the shootings of three Canadian doctors during the 1990’s, and is charged in one of them.

Kopp is convinced that the U.S. Unborn Victims of Violence Act (“Laci’s Law”), which gives fetuses legal personhood and protection, overturns the legality of abortion. As he says: “How can the Fed. [government] pass a law outlawing the murder of an unborn child, and still uphold Roe?” This has relevance for our struggle against Bill C-484 here in Canada (the proposed “Unborn Victims of Crime Act”), which conflicts with and endangers both abortion rights and women’s constitutional rights in a similar manner. Kopp’s article also represents another example of anti-abortionists (in this case an extremist) using the authority of a fetal homicide law to try and restrict abortion, even when the law exempts “lawful” abortion – as does both the U.S’s UVVA and Canada’s Bill C-484.

Note there are differences in the wording of the U.S. UVVA and Canada’s Bill C-484 – the latter is not quite as explicit in giving fetuses personhood. Also, according to Kopp, Roe v Wade stated that “any future establishment of human life as a legal person would nullify Roe.” Nevertheless, it’s not hard to follow his logic, and understand how these fetal homicide laws can be used to remove abortion rights and turn back women’s rights.

(Joyce Arthur, March 25, 2008, Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada)

Subj: Jim Kopp
Date: 3/20/2008 7:47:47 A.M. Central Daylight Time
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I’m sending this issue of the newsletter to all who have ever received it because Jim Kopp asked me to. If you think he has a good idea here, spread his message. It seems to me that all he wants us to do is write President Bush! (I left his name out because I don’t want it on the Internet.)

Abortion is Murder (Formerly Stop the Killing of Young People (skype) and soon, perhaps, Stop Killing Preemies)

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_ sent me this with a “Special Note to my Evangelical brothers and sisters: If you don’t jump on this, the RCs could get lazy, you know: they need your help and enthusiasm . . .”.

This is the headline you never saw in 2004. Imagine if a law were passed against Roe v. Wade and no one knew? That’s why I get Frequently Asked Questions about Laci’s Law:

What is “Laci’s Law”?

“Laci and Connor’s Law” ( 18 U.S. Code § 1841 ) was passed in 2004. The U.S. Congress responded to the enormous outpouring of public sympathy over the murder of Laci Peterson and her son, by her husband, Scott, somewhere in or between Modesto and San Francisco Bay, California, in 2002. Yes, this is the case you heard about.

Why make a law?

Laci carried a child she loved so much she named him, Connor, before he was even born. Geraldo Rivera, no friend to life, called Connor “Laci Peterson’s unborn son” on the TV. When the wind shifts, some know.

Connor, eight months gestation, was expelled shortly after Laci’s murder, dying before, or, drowning after birth/stillbirth. His and his Mom’s bodies washed up on Berkeley beach.

“Laci and Connor’s Law” made it a separate, federal crime to kill an unborn child, connected or unconnected with an attack on his or her mother. The law is in force in Fed. situations: Fed. property, parks, military, trains, cruise ships, etc.

But how can the Fed. pass a law outlawing the murder of an unborn child, and still uphold Roe? Because you and I are asleep. The pro-aborts are terrified we’ll wake up. Now is the time for all born people to come to the aid of American moms and babies, and through them, the kids’ genocide overseas with our technology, investment capital pressure and ideology. Please read on.

What do the prolifers on the Supreme Court say?

They’re waiting for you to bring a case. You can’t just knock on the door of the Court and bring flowers. You’ve got to bring a case, or find one, or help one that is there already. The pro-abort pols know this, are terrified of it, freely admit this will stop Roe, and have said so on record in Congress, while we were sleeping.

Isn’t this just a “headline” law? Can’t it be overturned by “Clinton Republicans”?

No. Laci’s Law follows state fetal homicide laws, which have been around for decades and which are very solid law. Scott Peterson is in San Quentin partly because California has one. The beauty of Laci is that, unlike some state “fetal” homicide laws, this law positively declared all unborns, even kids from a rape, or birth defected, or whatever, from day one of conception, as being definite human beings, and alive, and legal persons in the whole sense, and if they are killed, it is homicide. You can’t murder a turnip.

So how come we never heard about this before? It’s been three years.

The prolife movement is sleeping. (Ssssssh!) Don’t wake it up. Just go about your business one-to-one, and tell people that you know about this.

Why would Congress care about one dead baby? There are so many.

Laci Peterson was a devout Hispanic Christian. Her family browbeat the press into prosecuting Scott back when no one cared. Hispanics love life, babies and families. Mainstream prolifers are diffident or tired, or, the Last Greatest Generation has left us. They took the sense of urgency and can-do of Depression survival and WW II victory with them. We need it back. Have you got it?

If Laci and Connor’s Law outlaws murder of unborns, why is abortion still around?

Laci and Connor’s Law has an “abortion exception” clause ( § 1841 (c)). I know — totally schizophrenic. This clause, however, does not stop Laci and Connor’s Law from “flipping” (reversing) Roe.

How could Laci’s Law “flip” Roe?

I thought you’d never ask! Roe has a separate clause in it, the Blackmun, or the Establishment Clause, which states that any future establishment of human life as a legal person would nullify Roe. “[Texas argues] that the ‘fetus’ is a person. In support of this, they outline.the well-known facts of fetal development. If this suggestion of personhood is established, the [pro-aborts’] case collapses, of course, for the right to life would then be guaranteed specifically by the [Constitution]” (Roe v. Wade 410 US 156/7, et seg.)

So. Laci’s Law establishes unborn babies as legal persons?

You got it! Laci’s Law, subsection (d) states: “An unborn child is a member of the species Homo sapiens living in the uterus.” Subsections (a) and (b) state that this child can be murdered, and if so, the murderer will receive the exact same punishment as for murdering a born person.

Good. So how about this “abortion exception”?

The ‘abortion exception’ clause in Laci’s Law says you can’t use Laci’s Law directly to outlaw abortion, but it says nothing about using Laci’s Law to flip Roe. It’s a two-step process. First, the Supes apply subsections 1841 (a), (b) and (d) of Laci’s Law to the Establishment Clause of Roe, and find that they satisfy it. Then, later, if Texas or some other states outlaw abortion, that’s another matter, separate from Laci’s Law.

Sounds tricky.

The Lord knows the way through the wilderness. All we have to do is follow. If you’ve got a better idea, I’m all ears. Meanwhile, let’s pray, pray, pray, and act. Quick. Real quick

How about choice?

Babies choose life! Just deliver ’em and ask ’em! So do their moms. Read the testimonials:, or Google the phrase. Many, many of those women state flat-out they would never have gotten an abortion if it were illegal. Any experienced sidewalk or CPC counselor will tell you outlawing abortion will take pressure off young moms, so they can do what they want to do anyway, and the younger young women will see how it goes, and adapt. Otherwise, they’re just at the mercy of predatory males (13 or 33), irresponsible husbands, or even procurement experts or “coyotes.”

Why would this work, when states have been attacking Roe for years about 24-hour-notice laws, etc?

It’s a total sea-change now. Personhood is legally established now. Plus, part of the reason it will work is because the pro-aborts admit it will! They said it in Congress during the Laci’s Law debates (Sessions, 108th). And, they say it now:

“ . . . unborn children, whether viable or not, will be considered as human beings, and therefore, whole as persons as victims of crime.”

“[Laci’s Law] extension of legal personhood to a [baby] is entirely unprecedented in the history of federal law.”

“[The Supreme Court] could be forced to do what it has avoided for over thirty years: determine the ultimate value of the life interest and decide when that life interest begins.” (155 Syr.L.Rev. JJ[2004])

But the Court has struggled with this before…?

Not on these terms. “When faced with the deprivation of life and the deprivation of privacy/liberty, the Court would arguably be more willing to make a trade-off to protect the life interest.” (ibid.) These are pro-aborts talking, saying this stuff. Let’s say it louder and earlier. Let’s say it in court. Hurry up!

Any other signs this is a critical moment?

Sandra Day O’Connor, no friend of life, said Roe is on a collision course with state fetal homicide laws (paraphrase).

She said this before Laci’s Law even existed. Let’s have a collision now, before another 50 million babies and moms get toasted, huh?

But these are words. How do we know that even a good Court would interpret it right?

Prayer. But hurry up. We never would have got this far, embryo massacres, etc., if we had resisted surgical abortion back then. Now, everyone has moved on. If we don’t exploit this now, Mercy of God, what’s next? Next it will be 16 years of Dowager Empress Court appointments and health care, with federal ID cards, human cloning, artificial wombs, “period” checks by the nurses at the high schools, more genocide of Third World rainbow peoples. You watch. “Global warming” is the smokescreen. I guarantee it. If we don’t give them something to be busy about, they will give us something to be busy about. Let’s set the agenda now. Laci’s Law will be our rallying cry. CNN or Fox picked this up for just one day, and then dropped it like a hot potato. (Could Laci’s Law overturn Roe? Nov.’06)

How about the South Dakota law?

Only a constitutional amendment can trump the Supes . . . unless the Supes trump themselves when they see Laci’s Law reverses their own decision, just as it says in the Establishment Clause. The Supes have reversed themselves thirty-four times.

This is all legal gobbledygook to me. What can I do to help?

You can’t write your congressman, they’ve already voted. You can’t write your lobby group, they already lobbied, thank God. We all know nothin’ new is happening in the next 16 years except massive distraction from babies in the form of wars, new wars, government takeover of hospitals, cloning, etc.

I could write the President.

He’s the one who crowed over this “culture of life.” He’ll back up whatever else we do, I bet. Hurry up.

What if the Supreme Court doesn’t see it this way?

They won’t, if we wait long enough. Liberal Supes have their doctors and respirator repairmen on speed dial. All they gotta do is hang on till the first Wednesday AM in Nov., ’08, and then it’s clear sailing, fifty more years of baby dismemberment. We’re in a narrow window, and it took a lot of sweat and Providence to get here. We’re wasting it. The window will open and shut while we’re sleeping.

[Note: Nothing more of substance beyond this point…]



OK, I’m scared. What can I do, really?

This will be the work of the Holy Spirit, or it will be nothing. Give the kids some crayons, give the spouse a Netflick, and sit down in a quiet place and write down the name of anyone you ever met who ever gave a damn about anything. Then cross off the names of the naysayers, Eeyores, criticizers. Be sure to add the names of quiet, mild Christians who aren’t self-starters but never criticize. This is a prayer warrior operation.

…and then?

Beseech Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to give you an answer, as He wills, whether to mail a copy of this to them. He will, as He wills. But go to Him empty-handed, open-ended. Don’t make conditions. Don’t ask for other things. Pray for 9 or 10 days, huh? Pray alone, for hours at a time, walking around the block, or at dawn, or dusk, or in the middle of the night. Just pray. Then, if He doesn’t drop a piano on your head out of the sky, and you feel a peace about it, then please mail it out, quick. Suggestion: Put Laci Connor, c/o Postmaster, Modesto, CA 95099 as return, or, blank. USPS will deliver it. Put your own address if you wish, of course. Toujours l’Audace!

How about pastors, churches, organizations, etc?

Unless your pastor/churchmembers are Dr. Dobson, Kieth Green, Francis Schaeffer, B16 or someone like that, then leave them all alone for now. This is a time for “yesses” and hope. And trying. The Lord needs many yesses right now. Groups and organizations mean lawyers, and lawyers means “no.”

How come we never heard about this before?

These are the dying words of my dear sister: “The medical establishment knows how to cure/stop cancer. They don’t do it because they’d be out of work.”

Yowch. Sounds judgmental.

OK, I’ll accuse myself. We’re all asleep. Wake up! Try this: In the mid-80’s, a major pro-life organization asked Dr. Bernard Nathanson to reschedule for a speech five years in the future from then. Dr. Nathanson said, five years from now there shouldn’t be a pro-life movement. I say, we have lost our sense of urgency, which should be no less than the urgency we feel if we see our son or grandson thrown under a bus. Nathanson knows what he’s talking about. He’s seen it with his own eyes. Most of us have not. It’s just “an issue.”

But Jesus is coming back soon … right?

Maybe. Maybe not. What if you’re wrong? What if we’re poised at the beginning of a millennium of more aggressive Third World genocide (hint: “global warming” is the smokescreen), more Christian hospitals forced to hand out Plan B, more cloning, etc. What will you tell your grandchildren you were doing back when babies were being pulled to pieces? Just a thot. Another: don’t mistake “signs and wonders” for just the sounds and whinings of yet another dying civilization, in a string of ’em back to the start.

I have a friend who prays. He says this won’t work. It’s in the flesh.

In God’s universe, prayer and faithful compassion are two parts of one thing, that we can’t separate (James 4).

Another friend says flipping Roe won’t work. He says we still have to go “state-to-state.” He says a Human Life Amendment is better.

He’s right, but you can’t get to the HLA without going state-to-state anyway. It’s in the Constitution. On the path to stopping all abortion, you have to go state-to-state, either post-Roe or pre-HLA. Either one helps bring about the other, and HLA is not on the boards right now. A post-Roe state-by-state debate and state legislation will set up HLA though, DV. One way or another, we’ve got to go state-to-state. There are no cheap solutions. One immediate effect of flipping Roe, in addition to setting up the necessary state-to-state thing for the HLA, is an immediate stop of 10-15% of abortions.

What about…? (Fill in the blank)

What about it? While we sit here talking, kids die, right? Let’s just try this. We don’t need to know the final step, we just need to know the next one, and to keep our hand in the Hand of the Lord. Any action like this will have the effect of bringing abortion back to the attention of the people, reminding them that we routinely kill kids. Even if this doesn’t work, it should be tried. I guarantee that if we aim at nothing, we’ll hit it. Right now, except for a tired, tiny handful of sidewalk and CPC workers, this country is completely comfortable with child dismemberment. Wouldn’t you agree?

OK, so I tell my friends. Now what? What’s next?

The Lord knows the way through the wilderness, all we have to do is follow. He will show a way. I must admit, active in politics and action all my life, I’ve never been here before. But you know what? Let’s dream together, and you tell me your dreams too:

(to be concluded in the next issue)

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