On the Issues

ARCC’s Position Papers set out our official positions and provide background information on a wide range of issues related to reproductive rights and healthcare in Canada.

Abortion Access and Funding

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Contraception/Sex Ed/Adoption

Abortion Politics

Abortion History and Law

Countering Anti-Choice Misinformation and Harassment

Ethics, Philosophy, Religion

Reproductive Justice

  • #100 – Why ARCC Supports Reproductive Justice – ARCC recognizes that the sexual and reproductive health and rights of people from many diverse communities are disproportionately affected by marginalization and oppression.
  • #101 – Transgender Inclusivity – Some trans men and non-binary people can become pregnant, and all trans people deserve access to sexual and reproductive health services. ARCC fully supports their right to abortion care and healthcare, and to their inclusion when advocating for reproductive justice.
  • #102 – Sex Workers’ Rights Are Human Rights – ARCC supports the full decriminalization of consensual adult sex work. Our position is based on the best evidence available and respect for the autonomy and dignity of sex workers.
  • #103 – The Case for Universal Childcare in Canada – An analysis of the direct link between the existence of affordable childcare and the rights and equality of women and others who can get pregnant.