Quick Election Toolkit

Here we go again!  The 2021 federal election campaign will last just 5 weeks, with election day on Sept 20.  You may recall that ARCC promoted a comprehensive Election Toolkit for the 2019 election to help you vote for pro-choice candidates. We’re not going to redo everything, but a few of our 2019 tools are still valid or easily adaptable. So here’s our updated Quick Election Toolkit!

Up for Debate

ARCC has endorsed the “Up for Debate” campaign, an alliance of women’s rights and gender justice advocates from across Canada that calls for the “human rights of all women and girls – trans and cis – and Two Spirit and non-binary people to be fully respected, protected and upheld.”

Up for Debate has developed a great toolkit that you can use, including social media text and hashtags, tips for talking to your candidates, and even how to organize your own debate. And their website has many other important resources. Please take action!

Recycling our 2019 Resources

Hey, it wasn’t that long ago!  Some things just don’t change (much).

Free Postcards

We still have limited quantities of our postcards for the public that explain the basics of abortion rights and access in Canada. Please check them out. For this election campaign, we limit orders to 50 postcards. (We cannot guarantee choice of postcard and will let you know right away if we run out and can’t fill your order.) Please email your order to info@arcc-cdac.ca.

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