Regulation of Belief-Based Care Denial in Canada

Across Canada, physicians who personally object to a treatment requested by a patient can refuse care, and in most provinces are not even required to provide a referral. This paper examines laws, bills, regulations, policies, and legal cases related to belief-based care denial in Canada (aka “conscientious objection”).

Read the report: Regulation of Belief-Based Care Denial in Canada –  March 2023.  By Caitlin Grogan, University of New Brunswick, Faculty of Law, on behalf of Pro Bono Students Canada*.

*Disclaimer: This report was created by a Pro Bono Students Canada student volunteer from the UNB Law Chapter and approved by a lawyer supervisor. The student’s work embodies objective legal information and is not legal advice tailored to ARCC’s advocacy initiatives. ARCC received permission from the student to use this work to support ARCC’s advocacy initiatives.

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