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Anti-choice and Pro-choice Groups in Canada 

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Comparisons of anti-choice and pro-choice groups, indicating overall numbers including charitable tax status.

Updated! (Aug 30, 2022) Top 25 Largest, Wealthiest, or Worst Anti-choice Groups in Canada – Descriptions of their mandates, activities, income if known, and other key information.

Other Resources

Comparative Analysis of Crisis Pregnancy Centres – Canada and International ** – March 2022: A review of CPC regulation in Canada and five western countries – what can we learn from other jurisdictions in order to regulate CPCs in Canada?

Safe Access Zone Laws in Atlantic Canada ** – April 2022 – An analysis of how well safe access zones are working in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland/Labrador, and a review of historical efforts to pass such laws in PEI and New Brunswick.

** Disclaimer: The above two reports were created by Pro Bono Students Canada student volunteers from the UNB Law Chapter and approved by a lawyer supervisor. The students’ work embodies objective legal information and is not legal advice tailored to ARCC’s advocacy initiatives. ARCC received permission from the students to use this work to support ARCC’s advocacy initiatives.

Bubble Zones and Court Injunctions in Canada – June 2022 – A description of each bubble zone law and court injunction in Canada that protects clinics/hospitals from anti-choice protesters.

Courts have endorsed use of the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards – April 2022.

Quick Assessment Guide for Cities to Evaluate Public Messaging Requests – Feb 2022 – A flowchart designed to help local governments make well-justified decisions on whether to permit or reject messaging that may contravene the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, or Canadian laws including the Charter.

Abortion Rights and Healthcare during COVID-19 – Jan 2022 – pandemic info and resources specific to abortion and other sexual and reproductive healthcare. 

Abortion Court Decisions and Laws in Canada – Sept 2021 – A compilation of court cases (with summaries and links) and laws related to abortion rights in Canada.

Response to Bill 225, Harvey and Gurvir’s Law (Provision of Information Respecting Down Syndrome) – ARCC submission to Ontario’s Standing Committee on Regulations and Private Bills, January 8, 2021.

Canada Health Act requires full funding for private abortion clinics:

  • Jan 1995 letter from then-federal Health Minister Diane Marleau, instructing provinces and territories to fund medically required procedures in private clinics

Abortion Chronology – A comprehensive timeline of abortion-related events and news from the 1800’s to April 2007. Includes both Canada and the United States.

Review of “Crisis Pregnancy Centre” Websites in Canada –  A study by the  Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (May 2016) has examined all of the websites of “crisis pregnancy centres” in Canada. The study shows that most websites either present misinformation on abortion or sexual health issues, and/or fail to disclose their anti-abortion or religious agenda or that they are not medical clinics.

Are Anti-Choice Crisis Pregnancy Centres Targeting Female Students on Ontario University Campuses? – by Sara Tilley, 2013. (A student research paper for the Department of Political Science, University of Toronto; newly posted in April 2016)  Examines whether the presence and influence exerted by CPCs on American university campuses is reflected in the Canadian context, focusing on southern Ontario. Looks at CPC outreach on campuses and whether CPCs are included on campus health centre referral lists (they are not). Recommends further research in order to regulate CPCs to protect public health, as well as more public education around them.  

Canada: Proof that no country needs abortion laws– (January 2016) a PowerPoint presentation (in PDF) about Canada’s positive experience with no abortion law. All countries should repeal their abortion laws as they are completely unnecessary.

Anti-choice Terrorism: Murders and Attempted Murders (December 2015)
This chronological table lists all murders (13) and attempted murders (29) of abortion providers and clinic staff (as well as patients, escorts, and clinic defenders) in North America, and one murder in Australia.

My Body, My Choice: Or is It? (August 2015) The Importance of Renewed Feminist Activism to Altering Canadian Abortion Laws to Legalize Pharmaceutical Abortion, By Grace Charbonneau (32 pages, PDF)   Abstract, and About the Author.

ARCC’s Submissions to the Saskatchewan College of Physicians and Surgeons regarding its draft “Conscientious Refusal” policy. (March to Aug 2015)

ARCC’s Submissions to the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons:

Tips for Responding to the Abortion Crapavan (sometimes called the “new abortion caravan”) (June 2012) – Grassroots actions against this monstrosity are rising up across the country. Check out this resource for background info, suggested ideas for your counter action, and tips to keep your protest safe and hassle-free.

Here it is – the winning video in ARCC’s pro-choice video contest (Fall 2011). Congratulations to Steph Caskenette of Kitchener!

Abortion Law in Canada: Whose Choice? by Josey W.G. Ross (April 2011). Honours Thesis for Women’s Studies 499, University of Victoria (posted with permission by the author). Discusses bills introduced in Canada over the years by anti-choice MPs and Senators. (PDF file, 80 pages)

A Survey of Anti-Choice Protesting Activity at Canadian Abortion Clinics (Oct 2010) – A survey by the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada reveals that 64% of abortion clinics in Canada clinics currently experience protest activity, while a further 15% have had protesters in the past. But 73% of clinics have no legal protection from picketing. (PDF file, 18 pages)

Exposing Crisis Pregnancy Centres in BC (Feb 2009) – A research report by the Pro-Choice Action Network. Anti-abortion “counselling” agencies rely on deception, misinformation, and emotional manipulation to persuade women against abortion. (PDF file, 65 pages)  Executive Summary 

How to Establish a Pro-Choice Group on Campus (Aug 2008) – Learn the basics for starting and running your own pro-choice group on campus! Find out why your campus needs one, how to structure it, recruit members, run meetings, carry out activities, raise funds, and sustain your group. Researched and written by a Simon Fraser University student (PDF file, 34 pages).

Anti-abortion “Counseling” Agencies – Many agencies that counsel pregnant women are actually anti-abortion Christian ministries. Their main goal is to stop women from having abortions. Studies have shown that most of these agencies misinform and try to intimidate women out of having abortions. (Note: This is a brochure that can be printed and distributed – please print double-sided and tri-fold).

How to Think About the Fetus – Should providers and the pro-choice movement acknowledge the “moral value” of the fetus? This philosophical presentation explains that judging what a fetus is, and any value it may have, is entirely subjective and personal, and only the individual pregnant woman can decide what her fetus means to her. (Note: This is a poster in PDF format.)


July 14, 2014. The CO debate: ?Conscientious Objection? is still dishonourable disobedience. bpas Reproductive Review.

May 14, 2014 – Why We Need to Ban ?Conscientious Objection? in Reproductive Health Care. by Joyce Arthur and Christian Fiala. RH Reality Check.

April 2014 – “Dishonourable disobedience” Why refusal to treat in reproductive healthcare is not conscientious objection, by Christian Fiala and Joyce Arthur. (Woman – Psychosomatic Gynaecology and Obstetrics, 29 March 2014) Current laws and practices in various countries around conscientious objection in reproductive healthcare show that it is unworkable and frequently abused, with harmful impacts on women’s healthcare and rights.

October 2012 – Why the UK doesn’t need an abortion law at all. Shares the experience of Canada, where abortion was decriminalised a quarter of a century ago. Published in the Abortion Review, a publication of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (bpas). 

December 2010 – Criminalized Abortion Overshadows Good News of Reduced Unsafe Abortion Deaths. Researchers at the World Health Organization have recently documented a substantial decrease in the numbers of unsafe abortion deaths, but the incidence of unsafe abortion itself has not decreased. Anti-abortion laws in developing countries cause grave harm and endanger women’s lives and health.

March 2010 – Abortion Still Does Not Lead to an Increased Risk of Breast Cancer(or other health problems):  Anti-choicers will never let facts get in the way of their ideology, but here’s the evidence again anyway.

March 2010 – Yes, Legalizing Abortion Does Save Women’s Lives: Anti-choicers make bizarre claims that legalizing abortion does not improve maternal health and may even harm it, and that countries with strict anti-abortion laws have better maternal health records. Nothing could be further from the truth.

May 2010 – Book Review of Marci McDonald’s “The Armageddon Factor: The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada” by Sheila Kieran. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has virtually turned over the keys to his government to right-wing Christians.

February 2009 – Text of letter to Alan Borovoy, General Counsel for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. The letter refutes his position supporting funding and club status for anti-choice groups on campus.

January 2009 – Women’s Rights Are Not Up For Debate
. The call to “re-open” the abortion debate is really a call to re-criminalize abortion and eliminate the rights of pregnant women, including their right to life.

January 2009 –  The Case for Repealing All Abortion Laws (PDF, first written in 2006). In every country, all abortion laws and restrictions should be repealed as unconstitutional violations of women’s rights and equality.  This article explains in detail why abortion laws are harmful and useless, using evidence from Canada?s example.

September 2008 – Pro-Choice Is Not Pro-Abortion, by Corey Purdy-Smith. Being pro-choice is about much more than abortion.

February 2008 – Abortion: What’s the provincial reality?  – by Beth Lyons. A brief lesson in the history, reasoning, and unconstitutionality of abortion access in New Brunswick.

November 2007 – Anti-Choicers Want to Jail Women for Abortion. Some of Canada’s leading anti-abortion spokespersons want women to be prosecuted and jailed for homicide for having abortions.

December 2006 – Paternity, Patriarchy, and Reproductive Rights. Most of the oppression of women that occurs in the world today can be traced back to this: women’s ability to bear children and men’s need to control their paternity. A woman deciding to have an abortion represents a serious threat to patriarchal authority.