Contraception/Sex Ed/Adoption

#35 – Emergency Contraception – Describes the emergency contraceptive pill and other emergency contraception, including how to obtain and use, and possible side effects.

#36 – Contraceptive Methods – Describes the most common methods of contraception including how they work and efficacy rates.

#37 – Contraceptive Use – Describes usage rates of different contraception methods in Canada, from the classic condom to IUDs, including factors that influence usage.

#38 – New Reproductive Technologies / Assisted Reproduction Legislation – Discusses several options for helping people to get pregnant, the legal environment for assisted reproduction and surrogacy, and genetic screening. 

#39 – Sex Education in Canada – Describes every province and territory’s sex education policies. Most gloss over or omit abortion entirely.

#40 – Adoption Information and Referrals – Describes how the adoption process works across Canada and provides government links to referrals.

#41 – Adoption: Why Few Pregnant Women Choose Adoption – Most women with unintended pregnancies opt for abortion or for raising the child themselves. This paper describes the wide range of reasons women seldom choose adoption. 

#42 – Sex Education: A Useful Tool to Help Prevent Sexual Assault? – Discusses sexual assault laws in Canada and suggests that comprehensive sex education in schools can act as a significant deterrent of sexual assault.

#43 – Contraceptive Coverage – Access to contraception is recognized as a human right, and basic preventive healthcare. Therefore, coverage should be universal for everyone and be included under a national public drug plan in Canada.