Each sticker is a glossy, 1.5 x 1.5 inch circle, $2 CAD. Flat rate shipping: $1.25 CAD

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The text “DON’T BE A PRICK” and “SUPPORT ABORTION ACCESS” is shown on an illustration of a potted cactus “Don’t Be a Prick”
The text “MY BODY MY CHOICE” is shown with images of pro-choice protest signs Protest Signs
The text “MY BODY MY CHOICE” is shown on a sliced watermelon background Watermelon
The text “my body my choice” is shown inside a yellow floral wreath Yellow Floral Wreath

Free Postcards: Our Bodies, Our Choice

ARCC has created postcards with basic abortion info aimed at the general public. You can give them out door-to-door as an election tool, at information tables, or other uses.

Two versions are available, both measuring 6" by 9":

ARCC will cover the cost of the postcards plus postage. Please limit your orders to no more than 200 total. (If you need more, please contact us to make other arrangements.)

To order, please email the quantity of each postcard desired and your mailing address.

Note: We reserve the right to limit quantities, or to refuse shipment if we are unable to verify that you are pro-choice.

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