Six reasons to oppose Bill C-311 (updated)

A private member bill by Conservative MP Cathay Wagantall would create an “aggravating circumstance” clause in the Criminal Code to allow for greater penalties when a pregnant person is attacked. Second reading occurred on May 9. Third reading is expected on June 22 but the vote may not occur until September.

The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada opposes this bill and urges MPs to oppose the bill as well. The bill is redundant, and Wagantall and the anti-choice movement are using it as a vehicle to advance fetal rights and attack abortion rights.

Read our paper with six reasons to oppose the bill.

Also, please contact your MP to ask them to oppose this bill. Ask them to use the points in our paper to speak against the bill in June, and to vote against it in September. Find your MP here, including their contact information. Thank you!

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