Apply for a Small Grant from ARCC

For reproductive rights groups and projects

The mission of ARCC is to ensure reproductive freedom by protecting and advancing rights and access to abortion and to quality reproductive health care. ARCC is committed to supporting groups across Canada that promote the right to equitable and accessible abortion services.

ARCC is pleased to provide small grants to small, low-resource, or new groups in Canada to fund expenses associated with group events, projects, or campaigns related to reproductive rights and access. Individuals or informal groups with viable projects will also be considered. (Read about some of the projects we funded.)

Grants can be up to $1000 to cover costs associated with concrete activities. Some examples include:

  • buying materials
  • renting equipment
  • printing costs
  • advertising
  • expenses related to a research project
  • travel costs for a group representative to go to an abortion-related meeting or conference
  • supplies to make signs for a rally
  • expenses to host an event
  • honorariums for participants

What is NOT eligible:

  • Costs of wages, payment of professionals (stipends for volunteers may be acceptable)
  • General operating costs, rent, service fees (such as web hosting, maintenance fees etc.)
  • Costs for goods/services to be used outside of Canada (your project must be within Canada or have at least some Canadian context)
  • University-sponsored research projects except under limited circumstances – contact us for more info


To qualify for a potential grant, you should be:

  • A small, low-resource, or newly established group in Canada, where the group is focused on reproductive rights or access, or is working on a project related to reproductive rights or access.
  • An individual activist or informal group that reflects / supports the values and mission of ARCC

And either:

  • A group with an online presence demonstrating your work including reproductive rights advocacy work. Please include your website address, social media pages, or other evidence of online presence.
  • An activist or informal group who is making, or plans to make, significant impact in your local community over a specific issue related to abortion rights or access. You should have a viable project that you can demonstrate is well-planned and already begun. Please include a detailed project plan (at least 250 words) and any supporting documentation such as links to news articles, copies of correspondence with decision makers, etc.

Disclaimers: Regardless of your potential eligibility for a grant, ARCC reserves the right to decline any funding application. The funding reserved for this program is limited. Further, we may need to prioritize applications according to other reasonable criteria.

ARCC’s board members and paid contractors are not eligible to apply on behalf of themselves or another organization they are with.

Results and celebration:

After spending the money, grantees will be asked to submit a brief report. With their permission, ARCC will share success stories on our social media and webpage as a way to promote groups and their work. Check out their stories!

To apply:

Please complete the application form at the link below (Google Docs). We will get back to you with a decision within 3-4 weeks. If you have any questions, please contact We appreciate and thank all who take the time to apply.

Note: Successful applicants may reapply for another grant, but must wait one full year from the date they received their last grant. No group or individual may receive more than a maximum of $2000 from our grant program, including all previous grants made since 2020.

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