Planned Giving

Thank you for making the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada part of your legacy! Our members and donors care deeply about the political advocacy that we undertake. This direct activism is what sets ARCC apart from other organizations. It also makes every dollar given to ARCC stretch even further to ensure reproductive justice and access across Canada.

ARCC accepts gifts during your lifetime, gifts through your Will, or through trusts (such as alter ego or joint partner trusts). If you are comfortable sharing information about the gift you intend to make, an ARCC board member would be happy to discuss our organization’s present needs with you, and how you would like your gift to be used and/or acknowledged. Your lawyer or notary can also contact us directly, with the option of you remaining anonymous, to discuss these matters.

A Gift in Your Will

A gift to ARCC in your Will leaves a lasting legacy of reproductive justice. The following sample clauses can be brought to the attention of your lawyer or notary at your next appointment: If you wish to leave ARCC a gift of a specific amount:

I DIRECT my Trustee to pay or transfer $_______ to the ABORTION RIGHTS COALITION OF CANADA to be used for any purpose(s) determined by the board of directors.

If you wish to leave ARCC a percentage of your Estate:

I DIRECT my Trustee to pay or transfer a share representing _____% of the residue of my Estate to the ABORTION RIGHTS COALITION OF CANADA to be used for any purpose(s) determined by the board of directors.

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