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Last updated May 1, 2024

What you can do to protect abortion rights

1.  Learn about how to access abortion in your own local region, so you can be ready to advise your friends and family members when they need one. You can check out lists of services by ARCC or by Action Canada.

2. If you know someone who’s had an abortion, give them your support and understanding, and encourage them to speak out.

3.  If you’ve had an abortion yourself, don’t stay silent. Help erase the stigma of abortion by being open about your experience, and inviting others to do the same. You can share your story online (“So, I had an abortion”).

4.  Know your rights! Your right to access abortion is protected under your constitutional rights to “life, liberty, and security of the person” and “freedom of conscience”. You also should not have to pay for an abortion, even at a private clinic – it’s an insured, medically required service in every province and territory, under the Canada Health Act.

5.  Find out who your MP is, and whether they‘re on our list of anti-choice MPs or those with an unknown stance.

  • If they’re anti-choice, email or call them to let them know they must not use their elected status to impose their personal religious views on the public and their constituents. Demand that they protect the constitutional rights of people who can get pregnant in their political work.
  • If they have an unknown stance, please contact them to ask them their position and then pass on their response to ARCC.
  • If they’re pro-choice (not on the above list), email or call them and ask them to stand up and defend abortion rights whenever necessary.
  • Here is a sample letter you can send or customize with your own words.

6.  Inform others by passing along our list of anti-choice MPs to your friends, relatives, and co-workers. Ask them to check out their MP’s stance on abortion and take action.

7. Join ARCC-CDAC to stay informed on reproductive rights issues and become active. Or check out our News page for action items you can do.

8.  Join, volunteer, or donate to your local pro-choice group or abortion clinic, and ask your friends to do the same.

9. Organize or participate in pro-choice campaigns and events.

10. Sign and share petitions supporting reproductive rights and opposing restrictions/barriers.

11.  Write letters and post comments in the mainstream media supporting reproductive rights, especially in response to articles or other letters with an anti-choice bias.

12.  Participate in liberal and pro-choice news outlets, social media pages, and blogs by posting comments informing people about abortion news and supporting reproductive rights. Refute anti-choice misinformation.

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