The Conservative Party is still anti-choice

(and so is Erin O’Toole)

Its future viability may depend on whether it can leave the abortion issue behind

By Joyce Arthur, Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada

(A screenshot from the Youtube page of the Conservative Party of Canada.)

When the Conservative Party of Canada votes for their new leader on Sunday Aug 23, will the party turn over a new leaf by electing a more moderate leader who would truly put to bed social issues like abortion, dying with dignity, and LGBTQIA+ rights?

Or will the new leader continue the Party’s mixed record by staving off actual anti-choice legislation, but doing things like withdrawing funding of safe abortion overseas and neglecting to enforce the Canada Health Act’s requirement to fund abortions outside hospitals?

Or worse, will the new leader actively work to pass new restrictions like banning sex selection abortion, limiting the criteria for medical assistance in dying, and allowing healthcare workers to refuse to even refer patients for services they object to?

The answer could either spell the end of the Conservative Party, or mark a new beginning.

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