Federal Election Toolkit

Worried about the October election and what the results might mean for abortion rights and access? Jump into action by using our toolkit! Simply browse the lists below and do whatever you can. Also, please share this page widely by using the buttons in the “Share” section (right →).

  1. Five Things to Do Before the 2019 Federal Election
  2. Voting Guide - Candidates to Support and Oppose
  3. Sample Letter to Send to Your Candidates
  4. Questions for Candidates
  5. Solidarity Statement of Support for Abortion Rights
  6. Sign Our Petitions
  7. Free Cards!
  8. Election-related Newsletters and Articles

1. Five Things to Do Before the 2019 Federal Election To-Do list

Do you support reproductive rights and abortion access? Here’s five simple things you can do!

  1. Contact your MP and local candidates to let them know your support for reproductive rights and to hold them accountable. Use our sample letter tool.
  2. Sign our Solidarity Statement of Support for Abortion Rights.
  3. Take action on New Brunswick – Sign our petition to the federal government. You can also write to Prime Minister Trudeau and the Health Minister with our petition demands.
  4. Order some free cards with abortion info / election info to give to voters and pro-choice supporters.
  5. Donate to ARCC or your local pro-choice group or clinic.

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2. Voting Guide - Candidates to Support and Oppose Green checkmark and red X

Here are lists where you can browse ridings across Canada to see which candidates are anti-choice, which progressive candidates need your support, etc.

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3. Sample Letter to Send to Your Candidates Paper and pen

Use our Sample Letter tool to find your riding, your candidates, and how to contact them.

You can send our prepared letter, write your own, message them on social media, or phone them.

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4. Questions for Candidates Question mark made up of smaller question amarks

Please ask any of our Questions for Candidates in any venue possible – such as all-candidate meetings, or when candidates knock on your door.

You can also visit, phone, or email the candidates, or post questions on their social media pages. (To find candidates’ contact info, see Sample Letter tool.)

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5. Solidarity Statement of Support for Abortion Rights Circle of people

Please sign our Solidarity statement of support for abortion rights and access. Both groups and individuals may sign.

One week before the election, the letter will be sent to all party leaders.

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6. Sign Our Petitions Pen and clipboard with paper that says “Sign the Petition!”

ARCC will be using our two Change.org petitions as election tools, by publicizing the results during the campaign, and asking candidates to honour the demands if elected. Please sign them both!

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7. Free Cards! Three women with the caption “Our Bodies, Our Choice”

ARCC will cover the cost of the following cards, plus postage. Please limit your orders to no more than 200 total of each type. To order, please email info@arcc-cdac.ca with the card number, quantity of each desired, and your mailing address.

  1. Public cards with basic abortion info aimed at the general public. You can give them out door-to-door as an election tool, at information tables, etc. Two versions are available, both are 6" by 9":
  2. Election cards with info for the public and pro-choice supporters about the possible threats to abortion rights and access posed by anti-choice candidates, with a link to our toolkit. (Bilingual with French on reverse.)
  3. ARCC cards – bilingual cards with information about ARCC, our goals, and how to join. Please help ARCC grow!

Note: We reserve the right to limit quantities, or to refuse shipment if we are unable to verify that you are pro-choice.

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8. Election-related Newsletters and Articles ARCC Spark

Stay informed! Here are links to election-related newsletters and articles written by ARCC members.

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