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Abortion Stock Photos for Media Use

The following photographs can be used by media or anyone else looking for suitable photographs related to the abortion issue.

Please also see the winning stock photos from a recent contest, sponsored by the Museum of Contraception and Abortion:

How many times have you seen an article about abortion that is accompanied by a stock photo of a pregnant woman obviously in the third trimester, or one of a late-term fetus or newborn baby? Such photos are inaccurate and inappropriate. Portraying a heavily pregnant woman in the context of abortion simply feeds the pernicious anti-abortion myth that women routinely have abortions right up to the 9th month of pregnancy. Portraying a near-term fetus or newborn baby erases women from the issue when they should be central to it. Pairing these inappropriate pictures with an article on abortion may even directly contradict the facts and arguments in the piece.

The pictures below are for general use. Please distribute and reproduce freely. Also, anytime you see a "pregnant woman" or "late-term fetus" photo, or other inappropriate picture illustrating an article about abortion, please send this link to the writer or media outlet and ask them to replace the photo.

Thank you!


Woman with pregnancy test:

Woman with unwanted pregnancy:
Woman with unwanted pregnancy

Pregnancy test:

Pregnancy test result (Shutterstock):
Pregnancy test - Shutterstock

Pregnancy test results:


Pregnancy test before use:

Couple with pregnancy test:

Woman holding positive pregnancy test:


Woman holding positive pregnancy test:

Woman holding positive pregnancy test

Embryo /gestational sac at 6 weeks pregnancy (photo by Olga Loeber):
6-week Embryo, by Dr. Olga Loeber

Mifepristone abortion at 45 days gestation (2-3cm):

Mifepristone abortion at 45 days gestation


5 week gestational sac