Provincial Trespass Act Remedy 

For graphic aborted fetus flyers delivered to homes

Have unwanted flyers been delivered to your home that show graphic images of aborted fetuses? Or have you heard about it happening to others? This is the work of an extremist anti-choice group called “Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform” (CCBR).

You can take action to prevent it from happening and hold the perpetrators to account!

Seven provinces have trespass legislation that allows residents to notify potential trespassers that they are prohibited from trespassing. If they do, you can call the police and ask them to lay charges.*

Steps to follow:

  1. Post a “No Flyers” or “No Trespassing” sticker or sign at your mailbox or door.
  2. Download/open your province’s Trespass Notice (listed below).
  3. Add the date at the top.
  4. Enter your address in the first paragraph, where noted.
  5. Print the Notice (plus a copy for your records).
  6. Sign the letter at bottom and print your name.
  7. Mail the letter to the CCBR (address given on Notice).

Trespass Notices

Unfortunately, New Brunswick and Newfoundland do not have provisions in their trespass legislation allowing residents to send Trespass Notices, and Quebec has no trespass legislation.

The following documents are in MS Word so you can easily edit and print. After clicking, please check your Download folder if the Notice does not display on its own or with a prompt.

* Please call the police in case of any infraction, even if you did not witness it. The CCBR is a registered non-profit society in Alberta, making it a legal person under trespass legislation, so it can be charged for trespassing infractions. It’s important to send the Trespass Notice because due diligence would require the CCBR to keep a record of the addresses to avoid, and inform their volunteers accordingly. Your Notice will also serve as evidence. There is no guarantee the police will lay charges, but please keep us informed because we may be able to influence things:

For additional info on how to respond to graphic flyers or signage, including complaining to your city/town, please see our resource Take action against aborted fetus images in public!

Thank you!

(August 20, 2019)

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